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Reading Doug's post the made me think about all the applications upon which I have come to depend as a part of how I run my business and my life.  Several, Tungle and Dropbox, Doug already mentioned.  But here is a list of a few others I could not imagine life without:

webnotesWebNotes –  This is an invaluable part of my web research.  Whether I am trying to find information for a client project, inspiration for a blog post, or track results of a PR campaign, WebNotes allows me to capture and organize information with post-it-notes and highlighters.  And the best part is the report generation tool.  When teamed with an automated Google Alert, we look like we spent hours searching the web and preparing  the summary report!

AddressTwo – More than an address book, this is a true CRM tool.   I have used a number of data bases over the years to manage my contacts, Access ( I built my own, boy was that geeky),  ACT and Outlook and I find this one fits me perfectly.   Web based, I can share my contacts with my entire team.  We can manage contacts and projects with the built in task list.  Also, I am slowly migrating from ConstantContact to the AddressTwo email tool.  Although it is a little limited from a design and reporting structure, I love the ability to query the data base, identify just the right group, and deliver the appropriate message.

I also love the ability to email Addy with names of people I want to include in my data base or  introduce to each other and she takes care of it.  ( Yes I know she isn't really a person, but sometimes she accomplishes more for me than a real employee, so it is hard not to think of her as a person)

Audacity – People who know me well find it incredibly funny that I earn my living as a writer, because I am not a writer.  I am a talker! As a talker, I was intrigued by the idea of adding podcasts to my blog and Audacity has made that possible.  With very little time invested, I have moved from novice to editing pro.   I can not edit out even the slightest um, er or phone call interruption.   (Though sometimes I leave them in, just because they add character).

I love the fact the weekly podcasts reduce the amount of writing I have to do, but there are other benefits as well.  The programs give me an excuse to invite a friend in for a recording session and a visit.  Now that I have learned to manage to technology, recording takes only a few minutes, then we have time to catch up and talk about other stuff!

These three applications were new for me in 2009. It is amazing how quickly new technology becomes a part of your life.  I can't wait to see what I discover next year!


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    It’s interesting to see the similarities between us, Lorraine! I’ve not tried AddressTwo out yet – but a CRM may be in my near future.

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