Ambience: Relevant Product Recommendations in Content

sophia content shopping recommendations

There's a world of content out there that's growing every day. Much of the product marketing strategy is to get some product reviews distributed throughout the web, attract those readers back to a product page and then push the reader to convert. Sophia's ecommerce platform Ambience™ inserts the product image and recommendation within the content – optimized for viewing and relevant to the content that's discussed. This is driving significantly higher conversion rates per the Sophia site.

Ambiance™ is an e-commerce widget that sits unobtrusively alongside publisher content to automatically showcase relevant products of interest to readers while they browse. By making content shoppable, it provides an alternative revenue stream for publishers and because the products complement the nearby content, readers are instantly more engaged leading to improved site stickiness and increased loyalty.

This is an intriguing development in the web, merging the experience of product pages and shopping sites with the information and context of great content. Publishers who write great content can better monetize it. And ecommerce sites that have products they hope to promote across publishing sites now have the opportunity to get their products seen and clicked-through on.

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