My Apologies to my friends and colleagues in Chicago

Out SickBeing invited to participate in the Marketing Profs B2B Marketing conference was a dream come true! My presentation was fine-tuned and I reserved my room at the Renaissance. I even had some Business Cards made specifically for the event! I couldn't wait to meet with the virtual network I had grown over the last year.

I had to work Monday and my plan was to drive up Monday evening and relax for today's session, Bringing B2B Blogging to the New Level.

That was the plan.

On Monday morning I found myself unusually exhausted on the drive into work. There were a couple moments where I think I actually dozed off at red lights… not good. The day was productive, but I had interruptions throughout the day with some odd aches. By my drive home, I was green and pale. I got home and what a night! I was still hoping perhaps it was just something I ate and decided to forgo the hotel and drive up after midnight. By 3AM, though, I had to write my friends at the event and let them know there was no way I was going to make it.

I couldn't be more disappointed! This is my first ‘no show' and I'm bummed out. Sorry to the team – most of all Marketing Profs. Shelley wrote me back with the kindest note. Josh Hallett, Ann Handley, Deborah Franke, Phil Gomes, Christina Kerley, Alison Sales. And I'm disappointed I didn't get to spend time exchanging thoughts with friends, Paul Dunay and Kristian Andersen as well.

After about 14 hours of broken sleep, I'm bouncing back. I think I'm going to get on the bike here in a few minutes and ride for an hour. I need to be ready for tomorrow – another regional conference, WebCamp. I'm not going to miss 2 in a row!


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    I’m sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well! My heart plummeted when I stopped by and saw the little green face, I was worried you wouldn’t be at Web Camp tomorrow. I hate that you missed this conference you were looking forward to….but I am very glad you are feeling better AND that you’ll be coming to WC tomorrow. Your session is always so highly complimented. See you tomorrow!

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    Sorry you couldn’t make it! It was a heck of a panel. Lots of good stories, advice, and humor. This is my second time on a Josh-moderated panel and he was great.

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    We missed you, Doug. Would have been great to meet you and hear your take.

    Hope to catch up at another conference at some point soon, and glad to know you are on the mend!

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