Source Metrics: Track In-Store Purchases from Facebook

source metrics

The Source Metrics in-store ad tracker provides retailers with analytics that are a direct result of their Facebook Ad platform. Total in-store conversions, sales by individual stores, total number of all in-store conversions, time of day of all in-store conversions and total revenue of re-deemed items are available.

While studies show that Facebook ads are getting more clicks year after year, the impact these adds have on the bottom line is still somewhat of a mystery especially for brick and mortar retailers. We have created the Facebook In-store Ad Tracker to eliminate the guess work for retailers regarding their Facebook Ads by providing metrics that show exactly how many campaign conversions or sales are a direct result of their Facebook Ad campaign. Scott Lake, CEO of Source Metrics

To track the success of a Facebook Ad campaigns, retailers include a link to a mobile offer, which opens in the Facebook app on any smartphone. To take advantage of the offer users must take the mobile offer to the store to unlock it. Once the offer is unlocked Source Metrics is able to record time location, time and dollars amount that resulted in the conversion, which can be directly attributed to the Facebook Ad. Offers can be coupons, giveaways, contests or any promotion of their choosing that will drive traffic to the store.


Consumers are not required to download an app to redeem offers, but rather simply view the offer through the mobile browser in the smartphones Facebook App. To see an example, you can download this case study from Source Metrics using their Facebook application.

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