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Source Metrics has announced its Social Media Inbox. This new feature is unlike other tools as it offers actionable detailed information as it happens rather than high-level business intelligence in weekly or monthly reports, and allows marketers to distill 1000s of daily mentions down to about 20 of the most important actionable mentions according to following.

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The Social Media Inbox lets online marketers quickly identify what’s being said about their brands across digital media and prioritize their responses in real-time. The Inbox determines the tone of mentions by examining keywords included in hashtags and free text, and then cross references the tone – positive, negative, or neutral – with the reach of the account holder in order to prioritize responses.

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As a result, marketers can respond to important brand mentions as they happen. For example, if an influencer with a large following says something positive about a brand, a marketer can thank them and strengthen that relationship. Conversely, if two people say something negative, the brand can instantly identify each person’s reach, prioritize responses and reach out to help solve the problem.

Social marketers are finding traditional listening tools inadequate as they only offer high level business intelligence versus something they can use on a daily basis to determine what are the most actionable mentions from a marketing perspective,” said Scott Lake, CEO and founder of Source Metrics. “We give marketers information in real-time which enables them to make the biggest impact on their public brand perception.

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The Social Media Inbox is fully integrated with the Source Metrics platform to encourage effective actions and a streamlined workflow. When a marketer finds a brand mention that deserves a response, they can respond directly from inside the platform, using the appropriate social account.

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