Spaces by Moxie: Align Marketing and Customer Service


Today's increasingly competitive world requires fast decisions and even faster execution, and this undoubtedly requires robust collaboration. Spaces by Moxie hopes to offer marketers a new suite of tools that aligns marketing, customer service and support within the enterprise. By aligning all, acquisition, retention, and upsell opportunities can be better coordinated, executed and measured.

Spaces by Moxie is best suited for large organizations. The enterprise has to first establish groups and places, and provide for tools such as activity streams, blogs, calendars, discussion forums, media, projects, wikis and anything else required for successful and smooth work flow.

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Spaces by Moxie™ has the following offerings for marketing (listed from their product page):

  • A full suite of tools to reach your customers wherever they are, through self-service collaboration, knowledgebase, email, chat, community, social media, cobrowse, click to call, and phone Spaces by Moxie™.
  • Access to content, data, partners, and experts to make better and faster decisions with real-time insights.
  • Proactive tools to reduce website abandonment, engage customers, and drive additional online revenue.
  • Functionality to distribute unified messaging, broadcast critical updates, and increase transparency and feedback on marketing programs.
  • Tools to successfully execute up-sell and cross-sell programs and gain important customer data.

Users logged on to the system gain access to the tools and resources related to the issue they work on. They also connect to the relevant expert who has the solution or answer to the specific problem they face or the specific clarification they require. The time and effort saved searching for the right information or person, or crisscrossing different platforms to email, chat or collaborate by other means, has a direct boost on productivity and efficiency. By empowering the user with a wealth of resources and possibilities, it also fuels innovation.

Recently, Moxie has enhanced the functionality of Spaces even further by adding Email Spaces and Chat Spaces. Both these functionalities enhance customer support in a big way by improving both the speed and quality of response. It also improves internal process efficiency.

Email Spaces automate e-mail communications and increase visibility of such communications across the board. Chat Spaces, a real-time chat collaboration suite, empower agents to bring in subject matter experts directly to the customer chat session.

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