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SPAMEven with all the SPAM filters in the world, I still get SPAM. I hate SPAM, but I have to admit one of my guilty pleasures as I scan through the SPAM, I tend to read some. I quickly scan them to try to identify things that were caught by the filter that were valid comments. Every once in a while, though, I scan across a little gem.

Here’s my favorite Comment Spam today:

Hello. My compliments to a very nice website. I have a great time on your to see your lovely cat. Lots of succes in breeding.



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    Care to share your breeding tips?

    So what do you do? Put ’em in a room, lock it up, come back end of the day and bam, 10 little cute kittens staring right up at ya? 🙂

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      Too funny. I actually have a Jack Russell who will not allow any other live animal in our home. His first victim was our bird, Ozzy. His next victim was a Gerbil my son bought for my daughter. He’s a hunter… patient and psychotic. We still love him, though.

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    Some SPAM comments can be funny. Have you tried using one of the math comment spam protection plugins? I’ve found them very effective at blocking SPAM.

    Here’s the one I use:
    Math Comment Spam Plugin.

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