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Sparkpost Email User Interface

One of the afterthoughts of building a website or mobile application is often emails. Developers often just use platform email functions to send simple textual email messages. If they’re sophisticated, they may even build a little HTML template to call and send emails with.

The limitations of this are plenty – like the ability to report and measure opens, clicks, and bounces. Sparkpost built the perfect platform for this.

App-generated emails—often called transactional emails—are messages sent by your application or website in response to a user’s behavior. They play a critical role in acquiring and retaining users, and customers churn when transactional emails are delayed or lost in spam folders.

Sparkpost RESTful API:

Want to send an email? It’s as simple as calling a mail function:

curl -XPOST \ \
-H "Authorization: <YOUR API KEY>" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"options": {"sandbox": true}, "content": {"from": "", "subject": "Oh hey", "text":"Testing SparkPost - the most awesomest email service in the world"}, "recipients": [{"address": ""}]}'

You can also utilize webhooks (HTTP callbacks) to push inbound and outbound email activity to your app in real time. Trigger events when an email is opened, clicked-through, or bounced. Capture detailed message streams for data warehousing and analysis.

Sparkpost User Interface:

Whether you want a quick overview or need sophisticated filtered views, Sparkpost’s analytics dashboard makes easy work of interactive queries of email metrics. Drill down by a recipient, campaign, template, and more.

SparkPost UI

Sparkpost Features Include:

  • API & Integration – RESTful API and SMTP. Sparkpost helps developers hit the ground running to work with email because they’re built for developers by developers to get email integration right.
  • Support – from documentation to responsive support and prompt resolution, you can rely on the hardest-working team in the email business.
  • Templating – SparkPost’s email templates give you the flexibility to programmatically tailor each message at the individual recipient or list level.
  • Deliverability – inbox placement with an experienced email deliverability team and sophisticated technology for global email delivery.
  • Analytics – Measure and improve your email performance with 35+ real-time email metrics that assess sending, delivery, and customer engagement.
  • Reliability – 25% of the world’s non-spam email is sent with Sparkpost’s technology. A reliable 100% cloud-based platform that is instantly scalable and elastic.
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