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Niche publications still continue to drive highly targeted content to distinct groups. While pay-per-click, affiliate and banner ad systems continue to dominate the market for their simple ordering process and low cost per lead, they also typically get a low click and conversion rate. Because they’re inexpensive, they can still reap incredible rewards and have a solid return on investment for marketers.

Think about your own browsing and research behavior. As I look to my desktop and email inbox, I’m inundated with emails and ads from relevant advertisers. I see hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of marketing material every week. But as I think about my postal deliveries and digital publication subscriptions, it’s only a handful of publications that I subscribe to and dedicate time to during the week. The behavior of web browsing to the experience of flipping through a digital publication on paper or on a tablet is significantly different.

There are thousands of publications out there, many of which that land on an executive decision-maker’s desktop (via mail or tablet). At issue is how you include digital publications in your advertising mix? And how do you standardize, create and publish advertising for those publications? That’s what Specle is for.

Specle is transforming the world of print and online ad production, producing beautifully simple software solutions for print and tablet ad delivery.

Specle manages, processes and delivers thousands of ad files on a monthly basis for a huge customer base, including major publishers (Hearst, Condé Nast, News UK, Guardian, DMG media, TimeInc UK); leading creative agencies (McCann Erickson, VCCP, BBH) and global brands big and small. The interface for Specle couldn’t be easier, just search on a topic, find a publication, get the specs and order the ad:

Specle Digital Publishing Ads

Specle recently announced key collaborative role for Adobe Digital Publishing Solution, enabling the production of engaging and compelling digital adverts in apps without the need for code. Specle’s integrated advertising system will allow creative and design teams to place adverts in any of the apps being created using Adobe DPS. Specle’s software will make it easier than ever for creative agencies and publishers to deliver interactive, beautiful digital adverts.

About Adobe Digital Publishing Solution

Adobe DPS is a web-based tool that lets users create digital editions of their publications. Design and creative teams can easily create beautiful mobile apps without writing code. Using DPS, organizations can drive engagement through mobile app experiences, use flexible publishing capabilities to continuously connect with users, and deliver measurable business impact through apps—all with an enterprise-grade platform from Adobe.

Reimagined from the ground up, Adobe DPS will offer users more flexibility and better opportunities to engage their audiences. If you can make a print ad, you can now also make a digital ad. Specle is now integrated with the Adobe’s application programming interface (API) to revolutionize digital advertising opportunities – particularly in apps – and create powerful advertising opportunities.

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