You Spend 83 Days a Year Emailing

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The average salesperson logs over 2,000 hours per year on business communication, mostly on role-specific tasks (39%) and reading/answering emails (28%). While it would seem that social media is becoming the most popular mode of communication, as 72% of companies are now using social media in some form, email is still the top preference among businesses around the world. According to the McKinsey Global Institute Report, 87 billion emails are drafted each day. Of Americans aged 12 and up, 94% use their email regularly, 58% of which are checking their inboxes first thing in the morning.


Email beats out all other channels of marketing with twice the ROI, $40.56 for every $1 spent on email marketing. Since email communication shows no signs of slowing down, smart businesses are optimizing this platform. Cirrus Insight offers advice to anyone seeking to bridge the gap between Gmail and Salesforce in their free ebook Next-Level Software Integration.


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