Spigit: Organizing Innovation


This video from Spigit, who announced a merge with our sponsors at Mindjet, make some key points in this video that should never be overlooked:

  • Innovation = Ideation + Execution. Ideas by themselves aren’t innovative, they must be acted on.
  • The most popular idea isn’t always the best idea for business results. Often, we’ve watched companies hammer down every customer issue only to see that business fail. Sometimes what the customer requests isn’t worth the effort from your company or overcomes the value of the price the customer is paying. The customer isn’t always right.

Spigit’s Enterprise Innovation Platform is used by the world’s leading brands to invent new products and services, reduce costs and increase employee and customer engagement. Leveraging crowdsourcing, purpose driven social collaboration, game mechanics and big data analytics, Spigit helps companies identify and execute transformative ideas from their employees and customers at scale to drive business outcomes. Over 3000 companies, including leading brands across Retail, Healthcare, Financial, Technology, Government, Insurance, Utilities and Pharmaceutical industries use Spigit to make innovation a mission critical, repeatable, predictable and quantifiable business process.


Spigit allows companies to organize and prioritize the ideas that are crowdsourced to achieve:

  • Transformative Growth – Create new revenue streams, improve products and services and gain a competitive edge by making innovation a mission-critical, repeatable business process in your organization.
  • Cost Efficiencies – Your employees know. Find new solutions to traditional problems, reduce costs through process innovation and streamline work.
  • Social ROI – Get measurable outcomes and enable purpose driven collaboration to solve real business challenges on a timeline.
  • Engage the Crowd – Your people know. Increase employee engagement and get meaningful customer insights.

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