Time for a Springtime Tune-Up of Your Marketing Strategy

Spring Cleaning of Your Marketing Strategy

Every once in a while, it’s important to review your marketing strategy. Consumer behaviors change over time, your competitor’s strategies change over time, and digital marketing platforms change over time.

Spring is here, and now’s the perfect time for brands to freshen up their digital marketing efforts. So, how do marketers eliminate the clutter from their marketing strategy? In MDG’s new infographic, readers will learn which old and tired digital tactics to throw out this spring, and which fresh, new marketing techniques will help them grow their businesses in the seasons to come.

This isn’t the first note I’ve seen that Youtube is breaking out again as a fantastic marketing channel for companies. Aside from being the second largest search engine, the visual impact of video often goes unnoticed by businesses. Personally, I know I’m lacking in a video strategy as well. It’s coming, though, I promise! Video is simply one of those investments that you want to ensure you do well – from audio, to lighting, to video production, and content… it all needs to come together well to grow that audience and gain market share.

MDG Advertising’s Spring Cleaning for Digital Marketers: 4 Things Every Brand Should Do Now details four things that Marketers should re-evaluate as spring is on the horizon:

  • Which social networks marketers should engage on – 73% of American adults use Youtube, while only 68% use Facebook
  • The importance of cleaning up data and securing it properly – 75% of consumers believe most firms do not handle sensitive personal data responsibly
  • Why mobile load speed is a top priority – 53% of mobile site visitors leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load
  • Why marketers should go all in on marketing attribution – Only 31% of marketers use attribution on the majority of/all of their campaigns

This morning I woke up to 4 inches of snow… so I stayed home and walked through each of these with my own clients to ensure we’re all moving in the right direction. I’d recommend you do the same!

Spring Marketing

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