A Look at the Future of Video Advertising

Stanford University has released Zunavision, an interesting technology that allows the advertiser to dynamically add embed pictures or video into another video – even when the camera is in motion. Fascinating technology but I’m not sure it will be widely accepted given its intrusive nature. Perhaps if they don’t make the ads too blatant.

One promise of this type of technology may be for the movie industry to execute product placement in post production. That could provide a huge savings to the movie industry by not having to and film advertising opportunities ahead of time. As well, it would not require physical advertising material.

If you’re viewing via RSS and don’t see the video, click through for an example of the Stanford Zunavision video embedding technology.


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    That’s really awesome Doug. What if advertisers could not only put their “billboard” within the video, but also hyperlink that area of the video to a URL? There’s a YouTube monetization tactic for ya if the area to click was able to be visually recognized by the user somehow.

    FYI, I think your link for RSS folks is getting your 404 page.

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    New video & advertising technology like this is very exciting to me from a innovation standpoint. I’m not overly impressed by the sites that simply try to replicate a YouTube and apply it to a specific niche such as how-to videos, or porn videos, or whatever have you. Keep pushing the envelope with innovative technology and I’m happy.

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