The State of Infographics

the state of infographics

Infographics have grown so much in demand that they've become a core part of our business offerings. Companies who are leveraging infographics are continuing to see incredible results. Infographics just happen to be the perfect combination of all the great features of a good content marketing strategy:

  • Data – they provide a lot of information in a package that's easy to digest.
  • Design – when done well, they're aesthetically pleasing and even fun to read.
  • Portability – because it's a single image file, they're incredibly simple to share.
  • Social – visual assets like infographics get shared much more often than other content.
  • Search – because they are shared so frequently, they tend to drive more links back to the publisher, which drives search engine rank.

While there's a lot of noise in the industry about the quality of infographics dropping and the frequency dramatically increasing – I haven't seen any drop in how well a great infographic performs for a company. It's sometimes difficult to determine whether or not an infographic is going to perform as well as you want it to, but the equation for success has been consistent for our clients… the deeper and more accurate the research, the more intriguing the story, and the better the infographic is designed leads to an infographic that performs!

Here's a great infographic on the State of Infographics from Top Marketing Schools:

The State of Infographics

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