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The State of Online Collaboration

The world is changing. The global market, off-shoring, remote workers… all of these growing issues are hitting the workplace and requiring the tools that go with them. Within our own agency, we use Mindjet (our client) for mindmapping and process flows, Yammer for dialogue, and Basecamp as our online work repository.

From Clinked’s Infographic, The State of Online Collaboration:

Our experience, and that of our competitors, is absolutely unequivocal: 97% of businesses using collaboration software have reported being able to service more clients more efficiently. But the biggest benefits are internal: enterprise social networking has been shown to reduce email volume by 30% and increase team efficiency by 15-20%. Research also indicates that teams draft documents 33% faster using a shared document management tool.

In my opinion, the most important take away on this is that failing to implement social technology makes high-skill employees and management 20-25% less productive!

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