The State of Social Media Marketing 2015

state of social media marketing infographic

We shared profile and demographic information on each of the popular social networks, but that doesn't provide a lot of information about the behavioral changes and impact of social media. Mobile, eCommerce, display advertising, public relations and even search engine marketing is being impacted by social media marketing.

The fact is… if your business is not marketing on social media, you're missing a huge opportunity. In fact, 33% of marketers identified social media as a cost-effective marketing channel with medium to high ratings in comparison to display advertising and public relations.

In JBH‘s latest infographic with Smart Insights and Similarweb they explore the State of Social Media Marketing in 2015. Unsurprisingly, social media continues to play a crucial role in most brand’s marketing strategies due to the scope of reach and engagement available, but what are the most popular social networks right now and how can brands capitalise on these to improve their effectiveness?

The infographic also shares some changes in social media marketing that you should be aware of:

  • Facebook – removed the ability for companies to charge for likes and has made changes in newsfeed visibility.
  • Twitter – added the ability to stream video live and record it with Periscope. (Although I believe is a stronger social video platform for marketing).
  • Instagram – introduced carousel advertising which feature multiple photos, swiping for more information, and linking to drive traffic.
  • Pinterest – added a buyable pin button, turning the platform into one huge ecommerce platform!
  • LinkedIn – added the Lead Accelerator enabling the ability to target and convert specific users.

The State of Social Media Marketing 2015

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