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StitcherAd’s Social Ad Platform enables businesses and marketers to build powerful Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and SnapChat ads with a solution built to sell.

Stitcher Ad Features Include

  • Automated ads for brand and performance – build, test, optimize, and personalize campaigns with minimal effort and big results. Delight your customers by delivering ads matched to their specific product interests, buying preferences, location, and more.
  • Personalize ads based on customer behaviors – Power your ads with your own data. Remove barriers to automation with flexible product feed solutions. Combine insights from online and in-store behaviors, product insights, and creative results to deliver a unified experience for your customers.
  • Rule-based optimizations and campaign management – Turn your product catalog into thousands of relevant, on-brand creatives instantly or transform larger brand campaigns into tappable, mobile-first assets. Set campaigns to prioritize high-performing creatives and learn which ads catch attention and drive performance.
  • Structured split, multivariate and lift testing – Test and learn from your ads to determine what variables have the greatest impact.
  • Accurate measurement and customized reporting – Put trust back in your reporting. Define your metrics and attribution model with the same custom formulas your team construct manually. Integrate third-party tracking partners to use your source of truth. Save dashboard views and automate reports straight to your inbox.

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StitcherAds is Free For Retailers Participating in Facebook’s #BuyBlack Friday

StitcherAds announced that its lending its overlay technology to retailers for free to help them highlight products from Black-owned brands in ads on Facebook and Instagram in support of Facebook’s #BuyBlack Friday campaign.

Facebook recently announced a Season of Support, offering three months of support, resources, education, and thought leadership to support small businesses through this challenging holiday season. As part of Season of Support, today Facebook launched the #BuyBlack Friday campaign in the US — redistributing the energy of the biggest physical retail day of the year to celebrate and support Black businesses and their communities. From October 30 – November 27, every Friday during Facebook’s Season of Support will spotlight Black businesses, celebrate Black culture, and inspire consumers to #BuyBlack.

To help major retailers support the #BuyBlack Friday initiative across Facebook’s properties, StitcherAds is lending its overlay technology to retailers for free. With that, StitcherAds is making it easier for retailers to automate the promotion of products from Black-owned businesses across ads on Facebook and Instagram. Product feeds for top retailers can feature millions of products from thousands of brands. StitcherAds’ #BuyBlack offering will automatically help to highlight the Black-owned businesses from those product feeds. 

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StitcherAds’ technology makes it possible for retailers to uncover and categorize offers, products and deals across categories – from beauty and fashion to home decor and everything in between. With this capability, retailers can automatically showcase products from Black-owned businesses during Facebook’s #BuyBlack Friday campaign.

This holiday season will be challenging for many small businesses, with more people shopping online than ever before. Facebook’s determination to help small businesses thrive is commendable. And, this year’s focus on celebrating Black-owned businesses and their communities is exquisite. We’re honored to be able to play a role in helping to drive Facebook’s initiative forward.

Declan Kennedy, CEO and Co-Founder, StitcherAds

StitcherAds technology helps advertisers to scale full-funnel performance marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. The company has empowered some of the largest advertisers worldwide using data-fueled automation to drive sales online and in-store.

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