Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me

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You have to love “Weird Al”. He hit an amazing chord with this song… I have several friends and family that somehow believe they’re duty on the Internet is to forward everything… without checking it for virii, without checking its validity on Snopes, or without wondering whether I’m too busy to view the 42 attached images of the rescued [insert cute baby animal]. It’s not a surprise that these are the folks that also reach out for help because their computer is running slow all the time!

There’s a message here for marketers as well.  If we’re tired of friends and family forwarding crap to us by email, how patient do you think we are with email? “Weird Al” could have just as easily made a video that said “Stop sending your crap to me” and it would have hit on the same chords.  Always provide value… not crap.

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