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When folks talk about analytics, it’s typically limited to on site, standard data that is common throughout a number of vendors. For large organizations with terabytes of data – including customer purchase data, census data, geographic data, social media data, etc – the average analytics platform doesn’t work. Here’s a great conversation between Alteryx and Forrester’s Boris Evelson on the topic:

Alteryx combines business intelligence and the ability to connect to large datamarts into what they describe as strategic analytics.

Last week, I had a fantastic conversation on the topic with Paul Ross, VP of Product and Industry Marketing at Alteryx. In my previous database marketing career, I designed and built marketing data warehouses for clients and understood the challenges. At times, it would take us days to compile a terabyte of data. Alteryx handles complex tasks like this on the fly, utilizing the latest in database technologies.

Alteryx combines all the features of data warehousing tools and modern analytics and social tools to provide a complete view of your data – including extraction, transformation and load (ETL), data and address hygiene, customer data integration, data compression and indexing, reporting and spatial analytics.

Alteryx: You need to analyze your data alongside pertinent external factors—like householding, competitive, psychographics, and geo-location. All combined, these insightful business intelligence analytics give you what you need to seize strategic market opportunities, outsmart your competitors, and drive more revenue from your current business.

And that’s where Alteryx fits in. Alteryx Strategic Analytics software is a complete desktop-to-cloud solution that combines business data, industry content, and spatial processing to give strategic planners everything they need in one, easy-to-use solution. It’s your one source for strategic analytics software, data, and analysis, that deliver the business intelligence analytics you need to make confident, informed decisions.

The Alteryx solution:

  • Ad hoc analysis in minutes: Design and redesign scenarios on the fly.
  • Interactive charts and maps: Identify new relationships and opportunities.
  • Spatial analysis: Dig deeper with precise geographic context.
  • Extensive report and delivery options: Present insight just the way you want.
  • Apps builder: Create and share analytic apps with a drag-and-drop wizard.
  • App exchange: Get a jumpstart with prebuilt apps from the Alteryx Community.

In a multi-channel store and marketing environment, one Alteryx retailer used Facebook ‘Likes’ to optimize its customer segmentation analysis. Using Alteryx, the company was able to match each ‘Like’ on its Facebook page to customer activity in its loyalty program, and analyze the customers’ purchase behavior. Using predictive modeling, spatial (or location) analysis, and demographic data, the retailer analyzed its Facebook customer interactions and the direct relation to higher sales in each of its customer segments and product categories.

Combined with internal customer or sales data, and external demographic data, Alteryx is empowering companies to understand exactly how their social media efforts and investments are impacting customer behavior, and most importantly, their bottom line.

If you’d like to test out some of Alteryx’s tools via the web – check out their handful of analytics wizards you can use for free out on their Alteryx Now site. Their Twitter tracker is pretty cool, returning a list of relative tweets on searched keywords, as well as the tweeter’s profile information. You can also put in an address and Twitter ID for some additional targeting!

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