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Part of the challenges with great content is the ability for that content to be discovered and shared. We've been working hard over the last year to get our content noticed – and it's been working. Through a typically low volume holiday season, our visits are up from about 60,000 visits per month to over 70,000 visits. Since we have sponsors, it's imperative that we continue to drive the content into new audiences and test new methods.

One of the methods we've been recently testing has been StumbleUpon Paid Discovery. While the cost per visitor isn't inexpensive, there are some nice features of the system. What I'm really enjoying about paid delivery is that it's also providing immediate feedback on the actual content we're sharing and what's garnering the most attention. While StumbleUpon guarantees the views through their interface, organic sharing also occurs.

StumbleUpon Paid Discovery

StumbleUpon Ads

  • Guaranteed visitors – Don’t rely on ads or links. Skip a step and drive your target audience directly to your URL (website, video, landing page).
  • Relevant context – Position your site with relevant content as part of a stream of sites grouped by interests. Your site will be placed among the best of the web, in the categories you select.
  • Pay per unique visitor – Pay only for engaged, unique visitors on a budget that you control. No minimum spend and no bidding required.

The frustrating part of StumbleUpon Paid Discovery is the manual work involved. You can't simply add a feed to the system and have it automatically promote each article. Each URL has to be independently added and managed. The budget is set to a daily amount, but you can't just set a total budget to stop… you've got to go in and physically pause each campaign. For companies who have a lot of content to share, it's a pain in the butt. That's unfortunate for the company – and StumbleUpon – because those are the companies with the money to spend.

Let's hope StumbleUpon Paid Discovery adds more campaign management options. I've always been a fan of StumbleUpon and continue to appreciate the service they provide.

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    This is something I should really look in to. I’m always looking for great marketing concepts. Congratulations on your success and thanks for sharing!

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