StumbleUpon continues to Feed My Blog

Tonight I was analyzing some of the referring sites for my blog and I couldn’t help but see a statistic that stands out more than any other – StumbleUpon drives a lot of traffic to my site! There are a lot of bookmarking sites out on the web, but StumbleUpon has that one strategic advantage that none of the others have – they provide links by relative interest.

When you load the StumbleUpon toolbar (which you absolutely should), you stumble on sites and give them a thumbs up or thumbs down. As you generate a history, the sites that StumbleUpon sends you to next are matched based on your likelihood to give them a thumbs up. It’s a remarkable process that is very intelligent.

Perhaps more important than the number of visitors that StumbleUpon sends me is the fact that it’s a referring site with a very, very low bounce rate! About half of the people sent to my site click through to another post or page on the website. That’s a very low bounce rate, lower than any other referring site.
bounce rate

Unlike Slashdot, Digg, and the other major bookmarking engines, StumbleUpon really has the “Midas touch”, providing your blog or website with traffic that will find your content relevant based on the profile they’ve developed on your visitor’s likes and dislikes.

Big thanks to one of the other leading referrers to my website, Bittbox. They’ve sent more traffic from adding me to their blogroll than I would ever deserve for helping them out. If you’re a newbie or experienced graphic artist, be sure to check out the Bittbox site and sign up for their feed. It’s an amazing site with detailed tutorials and tons of downloads.

Notice also that Twitter is creeping up the referrals! If you haven’t set up a Twitterfeed or added an autoposting mechanism for your blog to get posted on Twitter, you must do it today!


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    In addition to posting your own pages to these sources Take time to Stumble or Twitter about a friend. Without asking, they will often return the favor, and there is so much more credibility when someone else talks about you, Retweets, Stumbles or Diggs.

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    I’ve always questioned the intent and value of social bookmarking. Though I’ve seen increased traffic to our blog from StumbleUpon, I’m amazed that people use the service.

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    I don’t disagree @chuckgose. I think some folks just naturally gravitate to different tools. There’s a hungry crowd on the other end of those sites, though. If posting a bookmark here and there can drive relevant traffic, then why not?

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    One of the problems with using stumble upon though to rely on hits is how many of them actually interact with your site? I’ve noticed a few of my sites popping up with some incredibly high numbers from stumble upon, triple anything else directing traffic, but the number of comments remain the same. Average time on site hasn’t really changed either. I know traffic is traffic, but at the same time, how is it beneficial if people hit the site and leave in a short amount of time and don’t actually go to any other pages…

    Just some thoughts in the back of my mind, I’d be interested to hear what your thoughts are on it 🙂

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