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This week I got to spend time with the team at Sproutbox, an amazing technology incubator in Bloomington, Indiana. Sproutbox was founded by some elite developers who decided what they loved and what they were good at was taking an idea and bringing it to market as a solution. They do just that for equity in the projects they decide to take to market.

I attended today as a finalist for their next Sprout… the project they decide to bring to market next. What an incredible opportunity and event – with attendees and judges from all over the world. In upcoming weeks, I'll be covering many of the startups of Sproutbox… most have to deal with technology and some directly with marketing.

One of the successes of Sproutbox is CheddarGetter. Although I'm not a huge fan of the brand (sorry Sproutbox :)), the product is top-notch. CheddarGetter allows businesses with a recurring revenue model to integrate, track and bill their customers.

The list of features is well beyond the value of the service. The price of the service alone is fantastic since CheddarGetter is PCI compliant… but they provide their customers with a robust application at a fraction of the cost of other competitors.

CheddarGetter is the first “plug and play” subscription management and billing system. Whether you run a high tech SaaS business or a small, service-based business, Cheddar Getter is the perfect way to track and bill your customers. Simply plug in your merchant account credentials, and Cheddar Getter will begin charging your customers immediately. From the CheddarGetter site.

Some of those features include micro-billing, micro-payments, charge aggregation, soft usage limits, usage charges, overage charges, pricing plans, a la carte pricing, add-ons, recurring donations, discounts, one-time credits, limited availability pricing, automated billing, price grandfathering, billing frequency customization… the list goes on and on.

To get started, there are a couple of REST API wrappers pre-written for PHP and Ruby to integrate their system easily with your website, your charity or Software as a Service.


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    I visited SproutBox a few weeks ago, not because I have a software project, but because I’m intrigued by their model. It’s a fantastic approach! I also love the creative environment they’ve created.

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    Jon, it really is a superior approach to technology and venture capitalism! I’ve seen many companies throw away good investment money on bad development because they didn’t know what they were doing. This removes much of that risk!

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    Hi Douglas –

    Thanks for the great review! In the time since you’ve written this, we’ve gone on to add even more features to CheddarGetter, including PayPal integration, a Quickstart wizard, hosted payment pages, and more! We even have two new pricing plans: our Starting Up plan for $9/mo, and a Blowing Up plan for $79/mo. The best part about these plans is that you’re allowed unlimited transactions and customers: what differentiates the plans is how much revenue you take in, and what features you would like. You can check out all the details of the pricing plans here:

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