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Support ICRA and label the content on your site

ICRAThe Justice Department is upholding a decision that labeling your website for content does not infringe on your free speech. Though I support the Electronic Frontier Foundation, this is one issue that I tend to disagree with them. I think sites should be labeled and Browsers should continue to honor parental controls. I would also love to see Search Engines utilize content labels as well by:

  1. Giving websites with Content Labels and no complaints higher search engine placement.
  2. Providing a different Search Engine for adult content.

Labeling your site is quite simple with ICRA’s Label Generator. Read more about their service. I label ALL of my client’s websites, you should too! The label methodology is quite nice, allowing people to clarify whether or not nudity is done artistically rather than explicitly. I don’t think this is big brother, folks. I really think this is simply providing some level of caution to protect our children from porn. I hope you agree!

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    I’ve just signed up for this. I don’t ever agree with censorship but I do believe people should have choice. A lot of people won’t want to see my blog – it covers topics such as gay culture, witchcraft and paganism among many other things such as general news and opinion, and, in fact, primarily poetry and other creative writing. I may not like that some would reject my work on the basis of my espoused beliefs but in incorporating this into my site, I think I’m allowing others to do what they want to do while I am entirely free to do what I want to do as well!

    Nice one. Thanks for the information. x

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