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time on siteTalking to small business owners about social media there seems to be a growing interest in the medium as they begin to shift marketing activities away from traditional to social media.

Our preliminary results from our social media survey seem to indicate business owners, both men and women are spending more time on social media daily.  ( Men spending even more then women).  This is a dramatic shift from just one year ago when we did our first study.

The red and brown lines reflect the results from our 2010 study.  As you can see, about half of all the men and women responding to our survy said they spent less than 30 minutes a day on social media.  This year, the blue and teal lines clearly indicate a shift to more time spent on social networks.  With almost 50% of the men reporting they spend more than one hour a day

While interesting, the real question: Is it working? The data seems to indicate that it is .  While more than half the business owners in this year's study are still indicating social media accounts for less than 5% of their total sales, there are clearly companies experiencing some success.


What are they doing to generate sales?  You will have to wait for the rest of the data to be compiled to find out.

And in the meantime, if you haven't had a chance to participate, now is a great time, the survey will only take a few minutes, and the more respondents the more interesting the results.  If you complete the survey, I will send you a copy of the new white paper when it is published.

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And if you would like a copy of the white papers from last year's study, you can find it here:

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    A survey like this is very useful and helpful and anybody could participate since social media is in everywhere and everyone. But then, I already visited related site which summarized a statistical report for men and women using social media and the result is most women is spending more time than men. However, as I remember it talked about other niche not as for business marketing purposes like this one. Thanks for the information.

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