Sweetspot: A Mobile First, Workflow-Powered Digital Dashboard


Chances are you have come across one or another digital dashboarding platform in the past few months. These vary from plug-and-play packages combining a limited number of social media and web analytics metrics, to full enterprise ecosystems incorporating a wide range of data sources and governance features.

Sweetspot purports to take the latter category to a new level, aiming to making it easier than ever for corporate “data consumers” to act on their metrics. The size of some of its clients (P&G, Shell, Santander, Red Bull) together with its growth rate seem to indicate success in its mission.

Here’s an overview of Sweetspot Intelligence‘s primary features:

  • Mobile First executive dashboards, including Smartwatch appsSweetspot does not expect data consumers at executive level to log onto yet another platform on their browsers. Instead, they receive status updates (and team interactions) in a native mobile environment. Crucially, data is also available in offline mode. In addition to iPad (below), iPhone and Android apps, Sweetspot provides a smartwatch complement (Sweetspot Wear) that allows for voice-activated KPI searches in a highly intuitive manner.

Sweetspot Intelligence iPad

  • Unlimited data sources – Instead of providing a limited range of API or CSV connections, Sweetspot remains an open platform where clients are able to request new integrations on demand. These are regularly added to an already very comprehensive list of data connections.
  • Built-in data governance – KPI access is based on user rights (at individual and group level) within Sweetspot. These are also tied to ‘single sign-on ‘ capabilities and various levels of hierarchical dependencies to facilitate the use of a common corporate framework.
  • Insight ManagementSweetspot has been a pioneer in the Digital Insight Management space. Having offered workflow scenarios to clients for a number of years, they have recently refined these, producing a system that is truly accessible and impactful for both decision makers and analysts. The ability to set analysis priorities and ask questions, effectively at the click of a button, by flagging dashboard elements is helping to improve organizational communication and digital marketing management throughout large organizations.

Sweetspot Intelligence Flag

Sweetspot Intelligence Actions Flag

  • Extreme flexibility in the definition of multi-source dashboards – No digital dashboarding platform can claim to fit into an enterprise offering without allowing each dashboard owner to define their multi-source dashboard according to their own individual needs. In this manner, individuals, departments, or organizations can combine data proceeding from all their assets in unique combinations to ensure that their KPIs speak to their objectives, responsibilities and requirements.

Sweetspot Intelligence Data Builder

  • Extreme scalability – In order to effectively service their Fortune 100 clients, Sweetspot values extreme scalability. Corporate Templates™ and the ability to copy across indicators within accounts is just another way that Sweetspot takes manual effort out of reporting and saves organizations time.

Current Sweetspot clients include Royal Dutch Shell, Procter & Gamble, Santander, Red Bull, Mapfre, BBVA, Philips, The Boston Globe, FastCompany, Inc.com, Martha Stewart and The Green Bay Packers.

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