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The Benefits of Using Tablet Point of Sales Systems In-Store

When retail outlets think about a point of sale tablet, they may simply be thinking of a replacement for the clunky, massive, old POS that they purchased a decade ago. It’s important to keep in mind that a POS tablet doesn’t simply solve the problem of hardware costs, it’s also a versatile tool that can improve the shopping experience of the customer.

The mobile point of sales hardware and software industry projected size was $2 billion in 2013 – just in North America. And 70% of retailers are considering tablet POS systems because fo their screen size, ease of use and other factors.

Tablet POS devices aren’t just for checking out – they can be used for a variety of in-store functions:

  • Processing payments anywhere in the store, eliminating checkout lines.
  • Processing payments anywhere outside the store, at events and venues.
  • Processing returns simply and easily anywhere in the store.
  • Inventory lookup and pricing throughout the store for shoppers.
  • Loyalty program access anywhere, anytime.
  • Ecommerce integration with your online store. Your customer can start the sale at home, and pick it up at the retail outlet.

As we mentioned in a previous post, making the sales process easier and more enjoyable for your customers will increase sales. Tablet POS systems are key in this strategy.

Benefits of a Tablet Point of Sales (POS)

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    We’ve been using livepos for a couple of years now and their features helped in making our work easy. It’s very helpful and reliable for us.