5 Ways that Tablets are Changing the Retail Experience

tablets instore experience infographic

This week I was shopping in the local CVS pharmacy and was pretty intrigued when I noticed a full, multimedia display with video and sound promoting one of the electric razors. The unit fit right on the shelf, didn’t take up much space, and had directional speakers. I suppose it won’t be too long before we see tablet stations at virtually every section of the store to provide additional insight into the products they’re promoting.

This infographic from Moki, a company that helps enterprise companies secure, track and manage their mobile applications, provides insight into 5 unique ways that tablets are enhancing the retail shopping experience in-store:

  1. Picture This Selling – Instead of guessing how a product works or performs, video on tablets provide examples that leave nothing to the imagination.
  2. Signage – remotely managed digital signage are growing in popularity, allowing marketing and operations people to improve the way they’re communicating with interactive, beautiful displays.
  3. In-store product displays – the ability to clearly display the difference and features of products in a nice small tablet rather than a huge display can focus attention and reduce the clutter and room live displays take up.
  4. Customer self-service – your staff can’t be everywhere, but tablet kiosks can and they allow shoppers to research and find the information they need for a better shopping experience.
  5. In-store payment processing – trade in your monstrous, antiquated, ridiculously costly point of sales system for a tablet integrated online to payment process, inventory management, and reporting…. at a fraction of the size and cost.
  6. tablets-instore-experience

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