Thank You!

I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving… healthy and exceptional children, fantastic friends, and a dream job. As for my blog, the person I owe the most thanks to is YOU! Here is a list of commentors on my blog (in order of number of comments!). Your engagement in this blog is the driving force behind the quality of content that I try to put here day after day. Mike Schinkel modifoo

In the Aftermath of my Huge Political Post

Sometimes I think that readers of my blog have really gotten to know me over the years. Yesterday I posted a blog post asking if Obama was the next Vista. Wow, what a firestorm that raised! The series of comments were so vicious from the left and the right that I refused to post many of the comments. My blog is a Marketing and Technology blog, not a political blog. My humor was intentional and

Blogging is not Enough, “Press the Flesh”!

This is a phrase I’m growing tired of – quickly – during this presidential candidacy. I’m not sure who penned the original term but I’ve seen it used widely this season. Most recently, the governor of West Virginia used the term to discuss why Barack Obama lost West Virginia in a landslide to Hillary Clinton. He’s trying to defend the opposition view that West Virginia still has race issues and Obama lost it simply because

What works and what doesn’t in online advertising + key benchmarks

MarketingSherpa’s 2008 Online Advertising and Benchmark Guide + Benchmarks was born out of a belief that online adverting at present is misunderstood, and as result, underutilized. This isn’t to say that existing advertisers should simply increase spending online. Rather, we think advertisers that can find a balance between economical, efficient targeting and clutter-busting, highly engaging advertising will achieve far better ROI for themselves and a much more positive online experience for consumers. Many moving pieces

2008: The Year of Micro

This was an exciting year in online technology. If you look at it from a 10,000 foot view, humans are really still blazing a trail on how to utilize this relatively new medium, the Internet. Perhaps it’s obvious but I believe 2008 is really the year that applications and strategies go Micro. The evolution of the social web (Web 2.0) is now moving rapidly into new, targeted territory. The massive, one-fits-all solution will be evolving