Seven Steps to Meet the Customer Experience Imperative and Cultivate Customers for Life

Customers will leave after a single bad experience with your company, which means customer experience (CX) is the difference between red and black in your business ledger. If you can’t differentiate by consistently delivering an amazing and effortless experience, your customers will move on to your competition. Our study, based on a survey of 1,600 global sales and marketing professionals worldwide, underscores the impact of CX on customer churn. With customers leaving in droves –

The 3 Features in iOS 16 That Will Impact Retail and E-Commerce

Whenever Apple has a new release of iOS, there’s always huge fanfare amongst consumers on the experience improvements that they’ll achieve using an Apple iPhone or iPad. There is a significant impact on retail and e-commerce as well, though, that’s often understated in the thousands of articles written around the web. iPhones still dominate the United States market with 57.45% of the share of mobile devices – so enhanced features that impact retail and e-commerce

How Your Sales and Marketing Teams Can Stop Contributing To Digital Fatigue

The last couple of years has been an incredible challenge for me. On the personal side, I was blessed with my first grandchild. On the business side, I joined forces with some colleagues that I highly respect and we’re building a digital transformation consultancy that’s really taking off. Of course, in the middle of that, there’s been a pandemic that derailed our pipeline and hiring… which is back on track now. Throw in this publication,

3 Ways Organic Marketing Can Help You Make The Most Out Of Your Budget In 2022

Marketing budgets plummeted to a record low of 6% of company revenue in 2021, down from 11% in 2020. Gartner, The Annual CMO Spend Survey 2021 With expectations as high as ever, now is the time for marketers to optimize spending and stretch their dollars. As companies allocate fewer resources to marketing—but still demand a high return on ROI—it doesn’t come as a surprise that organic marketing spend is soaring in comparison to ad spend.