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Martech Zone articles tagged 24/7 support:

  • Sales EnablementRuby Inbound Call Management for Sales and Customer Service

    Ruby: How To Build And Scaling Your Inbound 24/7 Sales Call and Customer Service Team

    Providing round-the-clock sales calls and customer support isn’t just an option… it’s become an expectation in virtually every industry. Having a proficient staff that can manage your inbound calls from prospects or customers is essential to the success of many organizations and a differentiator from your competitors. Embarking on the journey to build the necessary infrastructure and assemble a proficient…

  • Analytics & TestingConversion Rate Optimization Checklist and CRO Calculator

    Infographic: Your Checklist For Conversion Rate Optimization

    Martech Zone has shared articles on conversion rate optimization (CRO) in the past, providing an overview of the strategy and general steps in the process. This infographic from the team at Capsicum Mediaworks goes into further detail, providing Conversion Rate Optimization Checklist with an accompanying article that details the process. What is Conversion Rate Optimization? Conversion Rate Optimization is a…

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