Not Everyone Who Interacts With You Is a Customer

Online interactions and unique visits to your website aren’t necessarily customers for your business, or even prospective customers. Companies often make the mistake of assuming that every visit to a website is someone who’s interested in their products, or that everyone who downloads a single whitepaper is ready to buy. Not so. Not so at all. A web visitor can have many different reasons for perusing your site and spending time with your content, none

The Disrupter in Marketing Automation

When I recently wrote about the past, present and future of marketing, one area of focus was marketing automation. I spoke about how the industry was truly split. There are low-end solutions that require you to match their processes in order to be successful. These aren’t inexpensive… many costs thousands of dollars per month and basically require you to retool how your company works to match their methodology. I believe this spells disaster for many

Video: Keep, Win, Grow with Right On Interactive

One of the keys that we’ve identified in our own business is that a specific type of customer is key to the client’s success as well as ours. Some of it has to do with resources, some with the industry they’re in and most of it being a recognition of the value and return on investment. We’re just 5 years old and the temptation in the first few years was to take on any client

ROI Adds Social Scoring for Marketing Automation

Our marketing automation client and sponsor, Right On Interactive (ROI), has been amazing to work with. They recognize that marketing automation is a growing market and they’re determined to drive their own path forward rather than watching what everyone else is doing. It’s one of the reasons why their user interface is simple to use, their ramp up time is faster than competitors, and the capabilities of their system are unique amongst their peers. It’s