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  • Ecommerce and RetailHow To Leverage Consumer Buying Psychology in Ecommerce (Infographic)

    How To Leverage Consumer Buying Psychology in Ecommerce

    Online stores face a unique challenge in creating an engaging and persuasive environment that guides consumers through the buying process without the physical presence of sales staff or the tactile experience of products. The digital landscape demands a nuanced understanding of consumer psychology to convert casual browsers into loyal customers. By leveraging the critical stages of the buying process and…

  • Ecommerce and RetailHow to Analyze and Reduce Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

    How to Analyze, Measure, Reduce, and Recover Shopping Cart Abandonment

    I’m always surprised when I meet a client with an online checkout process and how few have tried to purchase from their own site! One of our new clients had a site they invested a ton of money into, and it’s five steps to get from the product page to the shopping cart. It’s a miracle that anyone is making…

  • Analytics & Testing
    What Is Exit Intent? How Does It Improve Conversion Rates?

    What is Exit Intent? How Is It Used To Improve Conversion Rates?

    As a business, you’ve invested a ton of time, effort, and money into designing a fantastic website or e-commerce site. Virtually every business and marketer alike work hard to acquire new visitors to their site… they produce beautiful product pages, landing pages, content, etc. Your visitor arrived because they thought you had the answers, the products, or the services that…

  • Ecommerce and Retail
    cart abandonment emails

    How to Design Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Campaigns

    There’s no doubt designing and executing an effective shopping cart abandonment email campaign works. In fact, more than 10% of cart abandonment emails opened, are clicked. And the average order value of purchases through cart abandonment emails is 15% higher than usual purchases. You cannot measure much more intent than a visitor to your site adding an item to your…

  • Ecommerce and Retaildata path purchase

    Data’s Role in the Online Path to Purchase

    There are dozens of points on the path to purchase where retailers can collect and use data to enhance the shopping experience and turn browsers into buyers. But there is so much data that it can become easy to focus on the wrong things and veer off course. For example, 21% of consumers abandon their cart simply because the checkout…

  • Ecommerce and Retailshopping cart abandonment reasons

    Reasons Why People Abandon Shopping Carts

    You’re never going to attain 100% of sales after someone adds the product to your shopping cart, but there’s no doubt that it’s a gap where revenue is slipping through. There are strategies to draw folks back in… remarketing is one of them. Remarketing campaigns follow people after they abandon the shopping cart and remarket advertisements to them as they…

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