How the Internet Revolutionized Offline Retail

If you hadn’t heard, Amazon is opening a large network of pop-up shops in US malls, with 21 stores located in 12 states already open. The power of retail continues to attract consumers. While many consumers are taking advantage of online deals, experiencing a product in person still weighs high with shoppers. In fact The Internet has changed how businesses operate and customer shop forever. From simple things like customers looking for the phone number of a

What’s Just-in-Time Marketing (JITM) and Why are Marketers Adopting It?

When I worked in the newspaper industry, just-in-time manufacturing was quite popular. Part of the appreciation was that you would minimize funding tied up in stock and storage, and work much harder to prepare for demand. Data was an essential aspect, assuring that we would never run out of the inventory we needed while being able to be flexible and meet the demands of our customers. As rich customer data becomes much more available in

Your B2B Strategy Should Include Ecommerce

Did you know that we’ve added a services shop on Martech? We don’t promote it a ton (yet) as we continue to dabble, but we are seeing more and more companies that just want up front pricing and don’t wish to work directly with a sales team to sign up for a product or service. It’s why we built out this portion of our site and we’re continuing to add products and services – from

Mobile Apps: How Important is Planning, Prototyping, and Testing?

There’s quite a bit of expense in working with custom mobile application developers just in the planning and prototyping phase. Time spent to ensure the user experience is optimal is critical to the success of your mobile application’s adoption and usage, though. But only 52% employ a testing program for their mobile applications according to a report from Accenture! [box type=”download” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=”90%”]Use our affiliate link and get up to 30% off your

Can Too Much Personalization be Hurting Your Business?

Personalization, dynamic content, remarketing, IP tracking… we all know that consumers appreciate and respond well to personalized messaging and experiences, but can retailers go too far? Accenture released results of their personalization survey that says YES. Consumer Personalization Survey Overview The Accenture Personalization Survey examined customer expectations around a personalized shopping experience and identified the types of retail technologies, tailored customer experiences and communications – online and in-store – that consumers may experience. Welcome Personalization