Checklist: A Comprehensive List Of 40+ Steps To Successfully Launch A New Website, Online Store, or Do A Site Refresh

Whether I’m launching a website on a new domain or relaunching a client website, there are a number of steps that I take to ensure that the site is properly launched and fully accessible to users and search engines. I will mention some examples of plugins or applications in the following article, but this is not a platform-specific article. This article assumes that you’ve built the site locally or on a staging area and are

Casted: The Audio Content Marketing Solution for Enterprise Brands

Developed from the idea that conversations should be the throughline to all marketing content, Casted is the only content marketing platform built to empower marketers to access, amplify, and attribute their brand podcast content to fuel their entire content marketing strategy. Unlike other content marketing solutions, which are built to help marketers churn out more and more written content, Casted enables marketers to be more effective and efficient by taking the audio-first approach. With the Casted

Configuring an Internal PC for External Access

With the adoption of firewalls and routers, connecting to another computer via the Internet has become a real challenge. If you’d like to configure your computer so external access is possible, there are some in-depth configuration changes that you need to make to your network. Obtain your IP Address or DynDns Address The first step to locating you is to get your address. In the Internet world, this is known as an IP Address and