What is a Demand-Side Platform (DSP)?

While there are quite a few ad networks where advertisers can buy campaigns and manage their campaigns, demand-side platforms (DSPs) – sometimes referred to as buy-side platforms – are much more sophisticated and provide a much wider array of tools to target, place real-time bids, track, retarget, and further optimize their ad placements. Demand-side platforms enable advertisers to reach billions of impressions in advertising inventory that can’t be realized on platforms like search or social.

Abbreviations: What do DEAD and DITO stand for?

I’ve been developing, defining, integrating and estimating projects for over a decade. Having worked with hundreds of companies as well as with tons of internal development and external consulting firms, I’m always amazed at just how wrong the industry always is on setting estimates of completion and deadlines for completion. As a result, I’ve come up with the new DEAD and DITO computations for project estimation and completion. Here they are: DEAD: Development Estimates and

Educate Your Readers

We all started somewhere! I was talking to a friend tonight about Social Networking and my future in the Industry. I had a fantastic, inspirational lunch with good friend, Pat Coyle, last week. I’ve always been a technologist… jack of all trades, master of none… until recent. The last year I’ve really focused my attention on the evolution of the Internet. The lines of conversation, press releases, marketing, news and conversation are totally blurring. The