5 SaaS Customer Success Best Practices

Gone are the days when the customer success teams toiled with unlimited calls and clients to handle. Because now is the time to churn less and receive more in terms of customer success. All you need is some smart strategies, and perhaps some help from a SaaS application development company. But, even before that, all comes down to knowing the right practices for customer success. But first, are you sure you are aware of the term. Let’s

Getting Personal in a Crowded World

In today’s competitive retail space, personalized offers differentiate brands in the fight to capture consumers’ attention. Companies across the industry are striving to deliver a memorable, personal customer experience to build loyalty and ultimately improve sales — but it’s easier said than done. Creating this kind of experience requires the tools to learn about your customers, build relationships and know what kind of offers they’ll be interested in, and when. What’s equally important is knowing

Pirate Metrics: Actionable Analytics for Subscriptions

We live in times where it’s getting easier and easier to develop your own solutions. So much of the traditional tools on the Internet were built in a different era – where SEO, content marketing, social media, ajax, etc. didn’t even exist. But we still keep using the tools, letting visits, pageviews, bounces and exits cloud our judgment not knowing whether or not they actually impact the bottom line. Metrics that matter the most aren’t