Design Thinking: Applying Rose, Bud, Thorn Activities to Marketing

This week has been quite exciting as I’ve been working with some enterprise consultants from Salesforce and another company to see how I can improve strategy sessions for their customers. A huge gap in our industry right now is that companies often have the budget and resources, sometimes have the tools, but often lack the strategy to kick off an appropriate execution plan. One application that they take on the road to virtually every customer

Getting Personal in a Crowded World

In today’s competitive retail space, personalized offers differentiate brands in the fight to capture consumers’ attention. Companies across the industry are striving to deliver a memorable, personal customer experience to build loyalty and ultimately improve sales — but it’s easier said than done. Creating this kind of experience requires the tools to learn about your customers, build relationships and know what kind of offers they’ll be interested in, and when. What’s equally important is knowing

Social Reporting Inside Google Analytics

Following Google’s acquisition of PostRank, social reporting has been upgraded inside Google Analytics to incorporate five new reports. These reports “score” content based on the number of comments received, links, mentions, tweets, and other social media metrics. Each report provides a different insight for a variety of your social reporting/monitoring needs. 1. Overview Report, which highlights the impact of social media on content. This report breaks content down by “Last Interaction” and “Assisted Social Conversations.”

The Power of Personalization in Email Marketing

A bad email marketing program is like a really annoying sales person, but with a little effort and a lot of personalization you can turn email into your sales top-producer. Best of all, it’s easy and inexpensive to do.