Sigstr: Create, Deploy, and Measure Your Email Signature Campaigns

Every email that’s being sent out of your inbox is a marketing opportunity. While we send our newsletter out to a ton of subscribers, we also send another 20,000 emails in daily communication back and forth between staff, clients, prospects, and public relations professionals. Asking everyone to add a banner to promote a white paper or upcoming webinar typically goes over with little success. Most people just ignore the request, others mess up the link,

Marketing Automation Software: Key Players and Acquisitions

Over 142,000 businesses using marketing automation software. The top 3 reasons are to increase qualified leads, increase sales productivity, and a reduction in marketing overhead. The marketing automation industry has grown from $225 million to over $1.65 billion in the last 5 years The following infographic from Marketing Automation Insider details the evolution of marketing automation software from Unica over a decade ago through $5.5 billion worth of acquisitions that have brought us to the

Right On Interactive Named Leader in Marketing Automation

Before you read this, I’ll fully disclose that I’m friends with Troy Burk and Amol Dalvi and quite a few of the other employees at Right On Interactive (ROI). And – we’re proud to announce that we’ll be working with Right On Interactive to provide marketing automation posts here on Martech! They’re officially a partner as of yesterday! So how cool is it that the day we’re going to announce the partnership, that Gleanster, a

Top 20 Marketing Automation Solutions

Marketing automation is becoming a conversation we’re having with clients more and more each week. Today we discussed Hubspot (used by a customer), Act-On (which we implemented for two of our customers) and Optify with a client and I was just talking to the team last week about their success. It’s important to note that there’s really not one marketing automation solution that’s better than the other. Some of them have some amazing features, but

Yahoo! Search Marketing… You Lost Me!

Direct Mail is an expensive medium. Because it’s expensive, it can’t be done haphazardly. I used to tell my clients that the opportunity to gain someone’s attention with Direct Mail was directly related to the distance between their mail box and their trash can. The only part of a direct mail campaign that’s more important than the target and the piece is the ability to execute on the campaign. Today, I received a beautifully created