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  • Advertising TechnologyAds.txt and ads.cert explained to prevent ad fraud

    How Do Ads.txt and Ads.cert Prevent Advertising Fraud?

    Ad fraud is a significant concern in the world of digital advertising. It occurs when malicious actors engage in various activities to generate false impressions, clicks, or conversions for their financial gain. Ad fraud can lead to wasted advertising budgets, reduced campaign effectiveness, and mistrust in the advertising ecosystem. Technology like ads.txt has been developed to combat this issue to…

  • Advertising TechnologyWhat is Ad Fraud? How To Prevent Ad Fraud

    Understanding and Combating Ad Fraud: A Comprehensive Guide

    Ad fraud has emerged as a serious concern that undermines the efficiency and integrity of online advertising technology (Adtech). Ad fraud is a deceptive practice that disrupts the normal functioning of advertising operations, leading to substantial monetary losses for advertisers and diluting the effectiveness of ad campaigns. The global cost of ad fraud is estimated to reach $100 billion in…

  • Advertising TechnologyWhat is a Supply-Side Platform (SSP)?

    What Is A Supply-Side Platform (SSP)?

    A supply-side platform (SSP) is a critical component of the programmatic advertising ecosystem. It enables publishers to manage, sell, and optimize their ad inventory across multiple ad exchanges in real-time. In this article, we’ll explore the role of SSPs, how they fit into the overall marketing stack, and the problems they help publishers solve. To understand what an SSP is…

  • Advertising TechnologyWhat is a DSP? Demand Side Platform for Advertising

    What Is A Demand-Side Platform (DSP)?

    A demand-side platform (DSP) is a software solution that allows advertisers and marketers to purchase digital ad inventory across various ad exchanges, networks, and publishers in real-time, using a single interface. It streamlines the media buying process and helps advertisers to target specific audiences more effectively. To understand what a DSP is and how it fits into the programmatic ad-buying…

  • Advertising Technology

    Monetizer: Monetize your Remnant, Geo-redirect or Exit Traffic

    Believe it or not, every visitor to your site is not a prospect. If you’ve monetized your site with third-party ads, those advertisement platforms need conversion rates to be healthy and display ads to the relevant visitors. The number of impressions and locations on your site are known as your ad inventory. What is Remnant Traffic? Since purchased ads are…

  • Advertising Technology
    What Are TAG Inventory Quality Guidelines (IQG)?

    Understanding the Importance of Inventory Quality Guidelines (IQG)

    Buying media online is not unlike shopping for a mattress. A consumer may see a mattress at one store that they want to buy, not realizing that at another store, the very same piece is a lower price because it is under a different name. This scenario makes it very difficult for the buyer to know exactly what they are…

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