13 Ways to Target Your Display Advertising

Display advertising continues to advance in its sophistication as we previously discussed on our interview regarding Programmatic Advertising with Pete Kluge of Adobe. If you’re thinking about expanding your promotions into display advertising, there are quite a few ways available to target your advertising impressions to try to capture more relevant audiences, higher click-through rates, and improved conversions: Brand Targeting – by evaluating the content on the page and identifying brand or product names, you can initiate

Build CTAs and Distribute as Banner Ads with Bannersnack

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Brand.net: Precision Geographic and Data-Driven Display Advertising

Yesterday I had lunch with good friend Troy Bruinsma, an accomplished sales and marketing executive. Several years ago, we worked on direct mail campaigns for Troy when he worked for a cable company. Utilizing data cleansing, his customer data, their subscription data, demographic data and a TON of work… we were able to profile their current customers and identify, by household, which families were more or less likely to subscribe to specific cable packages or