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  • Advertising TechnologyJeeng: Publisher Email Monetization and Ad Server

    Jeeng: Publisher Monetization and Extended Advertisement Reach Into Email

    The publishing industry, grappling with the challenges posed by social media’s dominance and changing business models, finds itself in a difficult position. As the industry faces pressure from users reluctant to pay for content, a need for innovative solutions emerges. Jeeng offers a range of solutions specifically designed for publishers and advertisers. This solution empowers publishers to focus on their…

  • Advertising TechnologyWhat is Ad Fraud? How To Prevent Ad Fraud

    Understanding and Combating Ad Fraud: A Comprehensive Guide

    Ad fraud has emerged as a serious concern that undermines the efficiency and integrity of online advertising technology (Adtech). Ad fraud is a deceptive practice that disrupts the normal functioning of advertising operations, leading to substantial monetary losses for advertisers and diluting the effectiveness of ad campaigns. The global cost of ad fraud is estimated to reach $100 billion in…

  • Advertising Technologywhat is adtech guide

    Adtech Simplified: A Comprehensive Guide for Business Professionals

    In the current digital marketing landscape, advertising technology, or Adtech, has become a buzzword. It covers software and tools advertisers, agencies, and publishers use to strategize, implement, and manage digital advertising campaigns. This guide aims to elucidate Adtech and its implications in the era of artificial intelligence (AI), segmented into five key categories in alignment with industry terminology. What is…

  • Advertising TechnologyWhat is an Ad Server?

    What Is An Ad Server? How Does Ad Serving Work?

    An ad server is a technology platform that stores, manages, and delivers online advertisements to websites, mobile apps, and other digital platforms. It plays a crucial role in the ad ecosystem by facilitating the process of displaying ads to the right audience at the right time, based on various targeting criteria and campaign settings. Ad servers also provide tracking and…

  • Advertising TechnologyWhat are dynamic creative ad servers?

    Dynamic Creative Ad Servers: The Future of Online Advertising

    Online advertising is constantly evolving, and one of the most recent developments is the introduction of dynamic creative ad servers. These advanced ad servers are changing the way advertisers and publishers manage their campaigns, making the process more efficient and effective. In this blog post, we will explore what dynamic creative ad servers are, how they work, and why they…

  • Advertising TechnologyAdButler WordPress Ad Server and Plugin

    AdButler: Manage Your Site’s Advertising Packages and Ad Serving Within WordPress

    If you’ve got a WordPress site and want to manage ad offering, packages, payments, and ad serving, AdButler may be the best option on the market. The WordPress integration via widgets makes building and deploying ad zones a piece of cake, and the AdButler system is highly customizable, flexible, scalable, and even offers whitelabeling. AdButler Platform Features Include: Scalability –…

  • Advertising TechnologyDo you need an Ad Server?

    7 Signs You Do Not Need An Ad Server

    Most ad tech providers will try to convince you that you need an ad server, especially if you’re a high-volume ad network because that is what they are trying to sell. It is a powerful piece of software and can deliver measurable optimization to certain ad networks and other tech players, but an ad server is not the right solution…

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