Deduplication: Best Practices For Avoiding Or Correcting Duplicate Customer Data

Duplicate data does not only reduce the accuracy of business insights, but it compromises the quality your customer experience as well. Although the consequences of duplicate data are faced by everyone – IT managers, business users, data analysts – it has the worst impact on a company’s marketing operations. As marketers represent the company’s product and service offerings in the industry, poor data can quickly deface your brand reputation and lead to delivering negative customer

Understanding Address Parsing, Standardization, and Delivery Verification APIs

Prior to working online, I worked for a decade in the newspaper and direct mail industries. Because mailing or delivering a physical marketing communication was so expensive, we were extremely careful about data cleanliness. We wanted one piece per household, never more. If we delivered a bunch of the same direct mail pieces to an address, it caused multiple issues: A frustrated consumer who would opt-out of all marketing communications. Additional expense of postage or