Addvocate: Identify, Amplify, Measure, Optimize, Govern

Companies don’t take advantage of the powerful force they have internally when it comes to social media. We watch all the time as companies employ 1 or 2 social media folks to manage a corporate social media presence. They work hard, they distribute great content, but they’re in their own bubble when it comes to promoting their content. If you want to really compete, why aren’t you leveraging your employees to help you promote your

The Death of the Agency of Record

The landscape is morphing for agencies. In the last week, I’ve been on no less than 5 sales calls where the prospect already had a service provider, were choosing a provider, or already had an agency. We were hired by one company to increase their search engine ranking. After reviewing their site for under a minute, I let them know that it would be a monumental effort given their ancient CMS. They contacted the agency

Indiana: Measured Marketing Capital of the World

TechPoint is formally announcing Indiana’s Measured Marketing Initiative, a national media relations campaign to position Indiana as the leader of a fast-growing, emerging technology business category that TechPoint has coined as measured marketing. The Measured Marketing Initiative’s Goals: Raise awareness that this region is developing some of the most sophisticated product and service organizations in the country when it comes to result-based marketing efforts and technologies. Generate customers for existing businesses through national promotions. This,