Specle: Integrated Advertising System for Digital Publishing

Niche publications still continue to drive highly targeted content to distinct groups. While pay-per-click, affiliate and banner ad systems continue to dominate the market for their simple ordering process and low cost per lead, they also typically get a low click and conversion rate. Because they’re inexpensive, they can still reap incredible rewards and have a solid return on investment for marketers. Think about your own browsing and research behavior. As I look to my

Adobe dives into Sales Enablement with their Readiness Toolkit App

Adobe’s Experience Manager (AEM) and Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) combine to allows marketing teams to create, publish and optimize content-centric mobile applications. Because the native Adobe tools are utilized, video, audio, animation and other interactive elements can be utilized along with built in analytics – without the need for any development or third-party migrations. Adobe has launched the Adobe Readiness Toolkit, allowing Adobe sales teams to customize client presentations using an integrated application on their