Cision Adds Influencer Marketing Measurement To Their Communications Cloud

One important factor you have to keep in mind in the Martech industry is that most companies are on a continuous improvement cycle to differentiate and grow their business. The platform that you used a few years ago may not even exist anymore. Cision is one of those companies that I’ve honestly not paid as much attention to as I should have. They were definitely a market share leader when it came to public relations,

Distimo: App Analytics, Conversions and App Store Tracking

Distimo provides free mobile app analytics platform for developers as well as app market data. The Distimo platform lets developers track mobile app downloads, app revenue, and app conversions for campaigns in their own app across multiple app stores. Distimo offers their mobile app analytics for free, allowing them to gather incredible volumes of data and improved accuracy in their paid solution, AppIQ. Distimo’s AppIQ provides daily competitive data for apps across multiple mobile marketplaces.

Your Agency Sucks

Yesterday, I spoke in Detroit at the headquarters of an international corporation that has dozens of subsidiaries. My presentation was an hour long and focused on how to look at analytics differently… seeking the information that they weren’t even aware existed nor how it impacted their online business. The presentation had some rave reviews and two hours afterwards, I still hadn’t left Detroit. I was sitting and chatting with Marketing leaders from several of the