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  • Advertising TechnologyHow to insert ad code halfway into a WordPress post or page

    WordPress: How To Insert An Ad Slot Halfway Into A Page Or Post

    If you’ve been browsing my site this week, you may see some ads that don’t quite fit right. I’m working on getting everything working correctly and have most of it corrected. I’m doing this to increase monetization on the site rather than being dependent on Google Adsense and clogging your view of the content with pushy and obnoxious advertising. One…

  • Advertising Technology
    How To Monetize Content

    15 Ways That Content Creators Can Monetize Their Work

    Brands enlist content to drive awareness within their industry, acquire prospective clients that are researching online, and are using content to drive retention by assisting customers to be successful with their products or services. The challenge with a brand utilizing content is overcoming the hesitation associated with a prospect or customer seeing the content purely to drive revenue (which is…

  • Search Marketingppc money

    Google Adwords: Save a couple bucks…

    If you want to save a couple bucks and not have people click on YOUR ad to come to YOUR site that they happen to ALREADY be on, remember to add your site to your competitive ad filter in Google Adsense.

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