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  • Advertising TechnologyAd Blocking, Ad Filtering, and Ad Blocking Recovery Strategies

    All You Need To Know About Ad Blocking, Ad Filtering, and Ad Recovery

    A recent visitor to my site contacted me and chuckled that he had to turn off his ad blocker to get to my content. The feature is built into my site, and I can disable it… but I won’t for a few reasons. My publication is both a passion and a hobby. I enjoy assisting others with the information or…

  • Advertising TechnologyJeeng: Publisher Email Monetization and Ad Server

    Jeeng: Publisher Monetization and Extended Advertisement Reach Into Email

    The publishing industry, grappling with the challenges posed by social media’s dominance and changing business models, finds itself in a difficult position. As the industry faces pressure from users reluctant to pay for content, a need for innovative solutions emerges. Jeeng offers a range of solutions specifically designed for publishers and advertisers. This solution empowers publishers to focus on their…

  • Mobile and Tablet MarketingArity Private Marketplace for Mobile Applications

    Unlocking Precision and Insight: The Benefits of Private Marketplaces

    Like it or not, marketers must get used to the idea of a cookie-less, post-Mobile Ad ID (MAID) future — and develop new strategies accordingly. Traditional audience targeting methods are quickly becoming archaic as tech giants like Google and Apple respond to consumer and regulatory pressure to bolster user privacy. Cookie deprecation in Chrome is on the horizon while Apple’s…

  • Advertising TechnologyAdtech - Advertising Technologies

    Publishers Are Letting Adtech Kill Their Advantages

    The web is the most dynamic and inventive medium to ever exist. So when it comes to digital advertising, creativity should be unbounded. A publisher should, in theory, be able to radically differentiate its media kit from other publishers in order to win direct sales and deliver unparalleled impact and performance to its partners. But they don’t — because they’ve…

  • Social Media & Influencer Marketing
    Why Snapchat is changing digital marketing

    Why Snapchat is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

    The numbers are impressive. #Snapchat boasts over 100 million daily active users and over 10 billion daily video views, per internal data. The social network is becoming a key player in the future of digital marketing. Since its launch in 2011 this ephemeral network has grown rapidly, especially among the digital native generation of mobile-only users. It is an in-your-face, intimate…

  • Content Marketingsophia content shopping recommendations

    Ambience: Relevant Product Recommendations in Content

    There’s a world of content out there that’s growing every day. Much of the product marketing strategy is to get some product reviews distributed throughout the web, attract those readers back to a product page and then push the reader to convert. Sophia’s e-commerce platform Ambience™ inserts the product image and recommendation within the content – optimized for viewing and…

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