Monetizer: Monetize your Remnant, Geo-redirect or Exit Traffic

Reading Time: 2 minutes Believe it or not, every visitor to your site is not a prospect. If you’ve monetized your site with third-party ads, those advertisement platforms need conversion rates to be healthy and display ads to the relevant visitors. The number of impressions and locations on your site are known as your ad inventory. What is Remnant Traffic? Since purchased ads are targeted, what about the left over visitors that are not targeted? That traffic is known

Understanding the Importance of Inventory Quality Guidelines (IQG)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Buying media online is not unlike shopping for a mattress. A consumer may see a mattress at one store that they want to buy, not realizing that at another store, the very same piece is a lower price because it is under a different name. This scenario makes it very difficult for the buyer to know exactly what they are getting; the same goes for online advertising, where units are bought and sold and repackaged