How to Improve Google Adwords Quality Scores

Some companies invest a sum of money into Google Adwords only to find their budget gone and no business acquired. While it appears on the surface that Google Adwords is simply a bid to the top system, it’s not. There are a number of factors that influence the placement of your advertisement – which in turn will impact your budget. From the Infographic: How to Improve Google Adwords Quality Scores by DigitalNetAgency: The Google quality

Amazingly New Email Design (Needed)

Here’s another email that I love to get, but usually don’t do anything with! This is the Downtown Indianapolis, Amazingly New Email. I stay subscribed because I hope that a new design comes forth – the information to promote downtown Indianapolis is all there, but the design makes the email unreadable and unusable. Here’s why: There’s no main link in the head information to the actual website for Indy Downtown Inc. Maybe that’s an oversight,