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  • Sales EnablementCompass: PPC Audit Engine and Sales Enablement Tools for Pay-Per-Click Agencies

    Compass: Sales Enablement Tools For Agencies To Sell Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Services

    Sales enablement tools are essential for agencies to provide employees with the resources to pitch client products effectively. Unsurprisingly, these types of services are in high demand. When designed and utilized properly, they can provide digital advertising agencies with the necessary tools to deliver high-quality, relevant content to prospective buyers.  Sales enablement tools are crucial for helping agencies manage and…

  • Advertising TechnologyGoogle Adwords: Types of PPC Bidding Strategies

    Google Ads: Maximize Your PPC ROI With These 12 Google AdWords Bidding Strategies

    When reaching your target audience and growing your business in a competitive digital landscape, Google AdWords is a powerful tool to achieve it. But there’s much more to Google AdWords than creating ads, engagement rate, and conversion ratio.  Google Ads provides a variety of bid methods customised to various types of campaigns. You want to ensure that you’re targeting the…

  • Advertising TechnologyFacebook Ads versus Google Ads

    Facebook Ads or Google Ads: Which Is Better For Advertising ROI In 2023

    Building a website nowadays has become incredibly easy, all thanks to the emergence of DIY website builders like Wix, Squarespace, or Webflow, along with user-friendly content management systems (CMS) like WordPress.  With these fantastic tools, virtually anyone can create an online presence, whether a simple personal blog or a sophisticated e-commerce platform. However, as the internet gets flooded with numerous…

  • Advertising Technology
    How To Monetize Content

    15 Ways That Content Creators Can Monetize Their Work

    Brands enlist content to drive awareness within their industry, acquire prospective clients that are researching online, and are using content to drive retention by assisting customers to be successful with their products or services. The challenge with a brand utilizing content is overcoming the hesitation associated with a prospect or customer seeing the content purely to drive revenue (which is…

  • Search Marketing10 Steps to Succeed with Paid Search

    Paid Search: 10 Steps to Winning Pay Per Click Conversions

    A client publishes a paid advertisement promoting a quick quote in the ad… the call is routed to a call center where the quote isn’t provided. Oops. Another client rotates keywords frequently since they’re not getting conversions. Oops… the purchase form submits to a page not found. Yet another client incorporates CAPTCHA on a lead generation form… that never actually…

  • CRM and Data PlatformsCollect, Transform, and Feed Your Marketing Data with Funnel

    Funnel: Collect, Transform, and Feed Marketing Data

    As more and more tools are in your sales and marketing stack, producing centralized reports can be quite a chore. Most marketers I know spend a lot of time collecting and transforming data and then manually producing the reports they need to report on campaigns and other marketing metrics. Funnel: Integrations With Over 500 Data Sources Funnel takes messy, siloed…

  • Analytics & Testing
    acquisio machine learning

    How Machine Learning and Acquisio Will Grow Your Business

    During the industrial revolution, humans acted like parts in a machine, stationed along assembly lines, trying to make themselves work as mechanically as possible. As we enter what is now being called the 4th Industrial Revolution we have come to accept that machines are far better at being mechanical than humans. In the bustling world of search advertising, where campaign…

  • Advertising Technology
    ppc tips checklist

    A Complete Set of Tips to Increase Your Pay Per Click Advertising ROI

    While this infographic from Datadial states for small business, I’ll be honest that we work with some enterprise and large businesses that don’t take advantage of many of these tips! This may be the most complete list of tips I’ve seen when it comes to utilizing pay per click advertising on Google more effectively. Regardless of your industry, the tactics…

  • Ecommerce and RetailDepositphotos 38521135 s

    How Shopper Product Ratings Affect AdWords Merchants

    Google rolled out an AdWords feature late in July to help shoppers make more informed buying decisions. Product Listing Ads (PLA) across and Google Shopping will now have product or Google shopping ratings. Think Amazon and that’s exactly what you’ll see when you search for products and services on Google. The product ratings will use the 5-star rating system…

  • Marketing Infographicsimproving google quality score

    How to Improve Google Adwords Quality Scores

    Some companies invest a sum of money into Google Adwords only to find their budget gone and no business acquired. While it appears on the surface that Google Adwords is simply a bid to the top system, it’s not. There are a number of factors that influence the placement of your advertisement – which in turn will impact your budget.…

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